About Our School

The school was founded in 1794 with a grant from the Hawkins family to educate 20 poor children from the parish. It was re-structured in 1863 when the Rev. Arthur Nettleship raised a subscription to build the rear classroom and then became licensed under the National Inspectorate. In 1869 the large classroom was added. 

Since 1994, a new extension has been added and roof space converted to provide a new infant classroom, entrance hall, toilets including disabled facilities and offices. In 1996 the LEA also provided a playing field which adjoins the playground and in 2004 a school hall and computer room was added.

A spiritual garden was added in 2010 where children and parents can sit for quite reflection and thought. 

Minsterworth is a Church of England School the Christian ethos is at the heart of everything we do. We learn a Christian value every term through worship and a values newsletter related to the theme is sent home to every family. The Reverend Steve Taylor takes worship on a weekly basis we also lead services at the local church during Harvest, Easter and Christmas

We are a short walk away from the village church and have full access to the Tudor style village hall. The school grounds are beautiful and the pupils are very fortunate to work and play in such a tranquil environment. We have the added bonus of being situated just a 10 minute drive from the centre of Gloucester City hence   we take pupils from such a large catchment area.
One thing Minsterworth does offer is a special family like community feel; something which is commented on over and over again for over two hundred and twenty years.