Minsterworth School's Ethos Statement

At Minsterworth we have extremely high expectations of all our pupils and staff. We wish them to take pride in their work and to enjoy teaching and learning. A Christian ethos and spiritual awareness is a thread throughout the curriculum. We expect everyone involved in Minsterworth School – both adult and children - to be honest, helpful and polite and to put our school Christian Values at the centre of our lives at school.


Vision and Values

The Governors have established a Christian Ethos Committee with a focus on enhancing, developing and monitoring our Christian distinctiveness.  All parents and carers are welcome to attend and contribute to our meetings, which are advertised in our newsletter. What does this mean? We have produced a Vision Statement to articulate who we are:

“Minsterworth C of E School is committed to building a balanced and purposeful curriculum reflecting steadfast Christian principles and ethos. Enrichment, creativity and enjoyment are key. Every child is highly valued and is offered opportunities to achieve to the very best of their ability; individuality is recognised and celebrated. We promote caring and respectful attitudes, politeness and consideration as foundations of the education of the whole child according to Christian values. Children experience faith as part of their daily lives. This is reinforced by a close partnership with St. Peter's Church, Minsterworth and the wider Christian community."


Our School Prayer  (written by the children of Minsterworth)

We thank you God for everything good about Minsterworth School,

where we learn and grow together.

We thank you for our families,

and ask that you protect them from harm.

Please make our school a safe, healthy and fun place to learn

about the beautiful world you have made.

Help us to grow in wisdom and give us the courage always to do our very best,

as we find our place in your world.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord,



This prayer reflects the children's hopes and vision for what they wish school to be. All of us – children, staff and governors - are striving to make this a reality.

Prayer Tree

Reinforcing this is The Prayer Tree, which is the first thing you will see on coming into the school. We use the Prayer Tree so that we can write about issues that are challenging us, as well as those for which we can give thanks.



Collective Worship

We are very proud of our established pupil Worship Leader Team.  They plan pupil-led Collective Worship and are core contributors to the regular services held at our village church of St Peter’s Church.

Whilst Christian values permeate all that happens in our school, there is also a structured methodology in which Christianity is strengthened.  Each half-term a Christian theme is introduced. At whole-school Collective Worship on Mondays an aspect of the theme is focused upon and developed in the Class Worship later in the week. This is then expanded on each Wednesday in the worship led by Reverend Steve, our Minister, and finally we celebrate what we have learnt in Collective Worship on Fridays. This process enables our pupils to deepen their knowledge of the Christian faith and to encourage them to put these principles into practice.  Prayer forms an important part of Collective Worship and children are given the opportunity during the week to write their own prayers, with a focus on the theme of the week.

All involved in Minsterworth School benefit tremendously from our Christian heritage and try to live lives that have Christianity at its centre.  We would be a poorer place without our Christian focus!

As Reverend Steve reminds us regularly: We are the Resurrection People and Alleluia is our song!