Parent Questionnaire 2015-16

At Minsterworth School we are always interested to hear what our parents have to say.

Below are the responses to our questionnaire. To view our questionnaire please use the link below.

Parent Questionnares - 8 responses Academic Year 2015-16  
Question Statement Strongly Agree Agree Disagree
1 My Child likes school 6 1 1
2 My child is making good progress 6 2  
3 Children, pupils, or students behave well. 3 5  
4 My child is not bullied or harassed at school. 7   1
5 Teaching is good 8    
6 I am kept well informed about how my child is getting on 6 2  
7 I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions, problems or complaints 8    
8 Staff expect my child to work hard and do his or her best 7 1  
9 The school is led and managed well 7 1  
10 Staff treat my child fairly 7 1  
11 The school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions and concerns 7 1  
12 The school provides appropriate homework 6 2  
13 staff encourage my child to become mature and independent 6 2  
14 There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable, 6 1 1
15 The arrangements for my son or daughter to settle in when he or she started school were good.  8  


  • Due to cold weather -do PE indoors and not outside.
  • During a case of inappropriate playground behaviour from another child this was perfectly addressed by Mrs Yoxall